Slot machine test: Scarface

He called the scar face and is one of the most famous gangster Hollyoods. 1983 Al Pacino breathed in a great performance of the character of Tony Montana life. Today is one of the classic "Scarface" and has undergone his assessment in the form of slot machines. After all, gambling and the machinations of Tony Montana are not so far apart. In a graphically especially stylish slots Net Entertainment offers the film in a completely new form. You can play in the online casino for money, fame and glory. It will not be easy, but what wants to be a real gangster by format, must create it. All legal means is of course in the slot. But the views with the original film images and the noble symbols are all the more important. There is no shortage of interesting extras. For example, the special Scarface game. Show what is in you and play online "Scarface".

Play Scarface online now!

Play Scarface online

Even if Al Pacino looks a little grim on the symbols, so he wants but just play. And that works of course in the slot with formation of the series. Profit is there, when rows of the same motifs in a round and start always on the left reel. The minimum length of a series consisting of three symbols, if there are four or five, the multiplier is higher, which will be charged with your usage. Apart from the length, also each symbol has a different value and thus other profit heights.

You'll notice that Tony Montana is actually a quite a nice mafia boss, because he gives you not only one, but just 20 opportunities, in the form of lines. These cover each a box of each roller and the winning lines must lie exactly on the lines. Mostly so there is profit, if you have the same symbol on the first three rolls at all. While the lines so are your chances, you can change your winnings with your use.

Also knows well "Scarface" with decks and there are the about corresponding letters and numbers in the low symbols of slots 10, J, Q, K, and A. Rather lean in simple rows of three upwards towards but with very good multipliers, which is why you should not despise also this line.

But of course, that the other symbols have somewhat more on the grooved wood is clear. There are movie characters with items. For example, a suitcase or the bundles of money. The highest value Tony himself Montana of course, which has been immortalized not only with the face, but also his initials on the icon.

The slot machine bonus features of Scarface online slot

Now for the bonus features from the "Scarface". The stacked wild, for example. If this appears completely on reel 2, nudge to enable spins. This leads to an obsession with, while the other reels spin once again in this round. If the stacked entirely on reel 4 wild, there are 15 free spins for "Scarface". During the free spin rounds, you pay no usage and gain multiplier one also 3 x on your profits. The bonus game is unlocked with a full stacked wild on reel 3. The bonus game is to slightly rough, but for extra profits are possible. A single stacked wild is wild to Scarface and replaced other motifs in the form of a Joker.

Slot machines instructions by Scarface

You need have undergone no Crook's career, to play "Scarface". If you want to play not only in fun mode, you can make real money as usage in the online casino. Before you turn, you can change the level of usage and value of the coin. This affects your potential profits. The more you bet, the amounts also can be higher. The you will find by clicking on "Paytable" statements to do so and all symbols. Here also all symbols and multipliers are pictured.

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